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Basketball Wedding Cake Toppers

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Basketball Wedding Cake Toppers
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Dribble it, Pass it, Throw it in the Basket!

There is SO much you can do with a Basketball Themed Wedding ... very exciting.  First and foremost if basketball is a central part of your life, this is the cake topper for YOU!  You may see this as perfect for the bride cake topper or the groom cake topper, regardless ... this is perfect!

What is the story behind this cake topper?  Of course, it is whatever speaks to you, but we see a playful bride and groom that are just having fun with the idea of shooting some hoops ... no serious training going on here except in the romance department.

Brides ... if a basketball wedding is in your future, the choices for wedding favors, guest books and attire are abundant.  Just imagine what your guests will think when you change your bridal shoes to basketbal high tops ... just for comfort of course ... NOT!

High Five for 2 points!!!!!

Please note:  for couples who desire an interracial or multi-ethnic couple, please select "interracial" and then select an individual complexion for the bride and the groom.

Dimensions: height 5 1/2", width 2.5" at base.

Wedding Cake Topper Shown: Basketball Cake Topper, porcelain

Color Choices: Click Color Palette Button to view color choices.

Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks.

International Orders: Please email for shipping rates.  Rush orders are not available for international orders.  Please allow a minimum of 1 month for an international order.