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Celtic Claddaugh

Celtic Claddaugh

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Claddagh Cake Toppers

Irish Cake Toppers -- Claddagh Cake Toppers.

The claddagh ring has rich symbolism and history, which makes it appropriate even for weddings of today. Its history comes from the customs of several ancient lands but the expression of love hasn't faded through the years.

The symbols on the claddagh ring are those of love. The ring has the two hands normally found on fede rings but instead of clasping each other, they hold a heart. Atop the heart is a crown in many cases. The heart of course is the symbol for love, friendship or a sealed bond is represented by the hands and finally, the crown represents loyalty.

The bride and groom often exchange words associated with the symbolism of the ring as they exchange wedding rings during the ceremony. The vows might be similar to either of these: "I hold my heart in my hands and offer it to you." "Let our love and friendship rule over our life together."

Regardless of their descent, many now display an increasing use of the claddagh symbol as the theme for their wedding. The theme is represented in everything from napkins to Irish wedding cake toppers and wedding accessories like guest books and ring pillows. The symbolism it contains, regardless of national ancestry, appeals to many brides and grooms. The theme of loyalty, love and friendship knows no borders, so it is appropriate for everyone that believes marriage is a union that should last forever.

This Glazed Porcelain Claddagh Cake Topper has a Traditional Irish Wedding Blessing printed on the bottom surface of the base.

"May your hands be forever blessed in friendship and your hearts joined forever in Love."

White only.

Dimensions: 5.5" H

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