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Dancing Couple

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Dancing Couple
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Dancing Wedding Cake Toppers

Most of us have danced through the years.  From our very first dance in the middle school gym to the Homecoming Dance, it's always been a source of anticipation and excitement. Then dancing casually with friends and perhaps some ballroom styles, we've advanced our repertoire.  Now, it's the first dance as a wedded couple.  This figurine speaks more distinctly to some than others and you know if this is the wedding cake topper for you!

Tango anyone?

Dimensions: height 6.5", width 2.25" at base.

Shown: Dancing Couple Cake Topper.

Customizations available: Bride and Groom hair color.

Color Choices: Click Color Palette Button to view color choices.

Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks.

International Orders: Please email for shipping rates if needed.  Please note, rush orders are not available for international shipping and allow at least one month for customizations and shipping.