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Flower girl baskets are one of the sweetest items that you will select for your wedding day.  Not only is the girl carrying the basket adorable and beautiful, but she is perhaps a bit like a representation of you when you were a girl.  

Elegance Flower Girl Basket


Love Knot Flower Girl Basket

Love Knot

Simplicity Round Basket

Round Satin

Simple Satin Flower Girl Basket

Simple Satin

Celebrity Flower Girl Basket


Amour Flower Girl Basket


Selecting the right basket for her will include a combination of factors such as age and height.  Younger flower girls will require smaller baskets than older ones.  There are other factors that you may want to consider when purchasing your wedding accessories.   How will I use this accessory after my wedding day?  Will the accessory be used for more than one purpose?

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could use some of your accessories after the wedding day?  The flower girl basket may easily be multi-purpose.  Perhaps the flower girl will keep the accessory after the wedding day.  Depending on the style and color a bride may be able to use the basket in her home after the big day.  Or, she may decide to give the basket to a special friend to use for her wedding day.

Will my accessory be used for more than one purpose on my wedding day?  Besides the cascading of petals by your precious flower girl your basket may be used in the distribution of items to your guests.  Bubbles, bird seed, confetti or additional petals may be given to your guests to be thrown or blown at you and your new husband as you leave the wedding ceremony.

Magical Day offers a variety of flower girl baskets to meet the needs of almost any bride.  If you buy the basket within a set you will receive 30% off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for every accessory in that set.   For brides that do not want or need an entire set or for mothers of flower girls that will be purchasing just the basket we offer several economical baskets that can be bought outside of a set.

Flower Girls Baskets

On this page you’ll see the baskets that can be bought individually or outside of a set.   Please be sure to shop our entire wedding accessories line to see baskets that coordinate with an entire wedding accessory collection and to get your 30% discount today.

Tip:  Complimentary fragrant rose petals are usually available at no charge to you through your florist – that’s right – free!