Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers Tops


Your wedding day should be special, and unusual wedding cake toppers can help make it more memorable, more unique, and more amazing. There is no limit to the themes that can be carried over to your wedding cake. Whatever your focus is as a couple, that can be displayed and proudly shown on your wedding cake.

Motorcycle enthusiasts don't have to hide their love of motorbikes in the garage. Proudly display it on the cake with unusual cake tops featuring a Harley, or just motorcycles in general. We offer toppers that have the bride and groom riding away into the sunset, or standing next to the bike preparing for their first road trip. Maybe you met while out riding an ATV. Let everyone at the wedding know the unusual way you met by using an unusual wedding cake tops that feature an ATV.

Perhaps the bride kissed a lot of frogs before finding her prince. One fantastic unusual cake topper offered by Magical Day features a beautiful bride kissing her frog. This one could also work for any man who feels like his bride has saved him from a lifetime of loneliness.

We also have unusual wedding cake toppers for sports lovers. Whether you share a passion for baseball, football, skiing, or golfing, we have unusual wedding cake tops that will help you showcase that love.

Our latest addition to unusual cake toppers features outdoor setting for the bride and groom. Perhaps you share a love of hiking or hunting. Or, maybe you've spent many an hour fishing or cycling together. We now have high quality, detail oriented cake toppers to depict the activity that you love sharing in the great outdoors.

Your wedding is about joining your lives together. It should reflect who you are as individuals, as well as the couple you are striving to become. Bringing your own sense of humor and style to the wedding cake is an important part of this. Rodeo lovers will enjoy the topper featuring a bride roping her groom around the ankle. Another unusual wedding cake topper is the dancing bride and groom who are decked out in their finest western attire.

Unusual wedding cake toppers don't have to be humorous or whimsical, they can also be romantic. Remember your first dance together as a couple forever with an unusual topper that features a dancing groom and his bride, complete with her flowing dress. Or you can choose the two intertwining doves in pure white for an unusual, and classy, top to your cake.

Magical Day takes great pride in offering unusual wedding cake toppers that are as unique and lovely as the bride herself. Almost all of our toppers are available in a range of skin and hair colors, allowing you to personalize your unusual cake topper. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Make it even more memorable by choosing the perfect cake topper for you.

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