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Wedded Bliss Wedding Figurine

Wedded Bliss Wedding Figurine Wedded Bliss Wedding Figurine African American
Wedded Bliss Wedding Figurine
Our Price: $34.99
Bride Hair Color
Groom Hair Color

Wedded Bliss - color palette

Wedded Bliss Wedding Cake Topper in porcelain.

Remember that day you and your sweetheart walked to the beach or the lake or the swimmin' hole? You walked barefoot in the water and dreamed of a life together. You shared a secret kiss and talked for hours. This cake topper will forever remind you of those special times with your loved one.

Dimensions: height 5.5".

Shown:Wedded Bliss Wedding Figurine.

Customizations available: wedding figurine hair color, choice of Caucasian/Non-Caucasian complexion..

Color Choices: Click Color Palette Button to view color choices.

Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks.

International Orders: Please email for shipping rates.