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Wedding Cake Toppers by has been a leader in the Wedding Cake Toppers and Wedding Accessories industries for over 13 years. Quality and customer service have always been priorities at We've always customized hair color, complexion, facial hair and more for our brides and grooms at cost so that we can make their day as unique and special as their coupleship.

Cake Toppers

Bride and Groom Cake Toppers have never been more popular. The tradition of topping the wedding cake with couple cake toppers dates back to the 1890s. Creativity reigns supreme in today's weddings, where a custom wedding cake topper goes beyond the image of the happy couple. Today's wedding cake toppers could have a NASCAR or Harley Davidson Wedding theme, depending on what the couple likes to do.

Your wedding cake can be a reflection of who you are as a couple. Custom wedding cake toppers are a great way to show a love of ATV four-wheeling, the Marine Corps, dancing, Celtic or Irish.

But, romance is timeless! A classic romantic theme showing the groom carrying the bride over the threshold can be found in our Simply Romantic wedding cake topper, which is one of our most popular designs. Our unique wedding cake toppers are personalized for your wedding.
Bald Groom Cake Topper Motorcycle by Magical Day
New! Bald Groom
Beach Wedding Cake Toppers
Beach Chairs
Firefighter Cake Topper
ATV Camo Wedding Cake Topper
ATV Camo
Sitting Cake Toppers -- Look of Love
Look of Love
Motorcycle Cake Topper by Magical Day
New! Motorcycle Cake Topper by Magical Day
Fun Signs Cake Topper
Fun Signs
Pinch Cake Topper -- Double
Cheeky Couple
"Yes to the Rose" Couple Wedding Cake Topper
Yes to the Rose
Moon and Stars Cake Toppers from
Moon and Stars
Harley Davidson Wedding Cake Topper
Harley Davidson
Bride Groom Cake Toppers
Bride and Groom
Love Pinch Wedding Cake Toppers
Love Pinch
Beach Cake Toppers
Beach Palm
Hiker Cake Toppers
Kissing Couple Wedding Cake Topper
Kissing Couple
Western Wedding Cake Toppers
Western Cowboy
Texting Couple Cake Toppers
Texting Couple
Marine Corps Wedding Cake Toppers
Marine Corps
Motorcycle Wedding Cake Topper
Honeymoon Bound Cake Toppers
Irish Trinity Knot Wedding Cake Topper
Irish Trinity Knot
ATV Four Wheeler Wedding Cake Toppers
ATV Four Wheeler
Dancer Cake Topper Romantic Dip
Irish Cake Toppers
Irish Claddagh
Wedded Bliss Wedding Cake Topper
Wedded Bliss
Fishing Cake Topper
Cell Phone Wedding Cake Topper
Cell Phone
Western Cake Toppers
Western Dancing
Climbing Wedding Cake Toppers
Mountain Climbing
Bicycle Wedding Cake Toppers
Simply Romantic Wedding Cake Toppers
Simply Romantic
Soccer Wedding Cake Topper
Wedding in a Wheelchair Cake Toppers
Wedding Doves Wedding Cake Toppers
Love Bird
Pregnant Bride Wedding Cake Topper
Expecting Couple
Princess Bride Kissing Frog Cake Topper
Princess & Frog
Baseball Cake Toppers
Beach Theme Wedding Cake Toppers
Beach Lounging
Golf Cake Toppers
Skiing Cake Toppers
Dancing Cake Toppers Wedding Figurines
Football Cake Toppers
Castle Wedding Cake Topper
Frog Cake Topper Frog Prince Wedding Cake Topper
Frog Prince
Hunting Cake Toppers
NASCAR Wedding Cake Toppers
Fishing Cake Toppers
Fishing Couple
Hockey Cake Toppers
Curvy Bride Cake Topper
Curvy Bride
Big Tall Groom Wedding Cake Topper
Big Tall Groom
Bride Blowing Kisses
Blowing Kisses
Guitar Cake Topper Groom
Dancing The Night Away
Dancing The Night Away
Row Away Couple Wedding Cake Topper
Row Away Couple
Love Citation Police Cake Toppers
Love Citation Police Officer
Bicycle Cake Topper
Scottish Groom in Kilt Cake Topper
Scottish Groom in Kilt
Bride At Finish Line Cake Topper
Bride At Finish Line
Victorious Groom Cake Topper
Victorious Groom
Swept Up In His Arms Cake Topper
Swept Up In His Arms
Basketball Wedding Cake Toppers
Beach Cake Toppers
If you'll be exchanging your vows on the beach, then our beach wedding cake toppers are perfect for your cake. Here at Magical Day, we sell some very unique items guaranteed to make your wedding cake an original. Every princess will love our castle cake toppers, military couples will appreciate our Marine Corps wedding cake toppers and we even have motorcycle wedding cake toppers for Harley Davidson enthusiasts.