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Ring pillows carried by dashing young men complete with tux and fresh-faced appearances are easy to fall in love with.  That wonderful young man whose has gotten all cleaned up and ready to present deserves a dashing ring pillow to carry.

Love Knot Ring Pillow

Love Knot

Celebrity Ring Pillow


Manhattan Ring Box Pillow


Amour Ring Bearer Pillow


Elegant Satin Ring Bearer Pillow


Grace Ring Bearer Pillow


Calla Lily Ring Pillow

Calla Lily

Magical Day has a large variety of unique ring pillows.  From simple and sleek to detailed and ornate we are sure to have just the right pillow for your ring bearer.

Some considerations when choosing your pillow include the height and age of your bearer.  Those closer to toddler years will need a lighter weight and smaller pillow to handle.   Older bearers will want a slightly larger pillow or even a stacked one.

We are frugal with your wedding dollars and price our accessories well below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.  If you find us early enough in your search for wedding accessories you’ll want to buy an entire collection.  We price them at 30% off MSRP everyday – no need to look for a sale.

On this page you’ll find a selection of some of our most popular ring pillows, but be sure to click on our wedding accessories (link to wedding acc main page here) section to view our entire stock of wedding accessory collections.