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Unique Unity Candles, Holders and Tapers ...

Magical Day offers the most beautiful and unique unity candles at the very best prices. Our selection of unity candles, candle holders, tapers and other candle sets is truly diverse and offers the perfect wedding unity candle for every union.

Scattered Pearl Unity Candle

Scattered Pearl Unity Candle

White Rhinestone Unity Candle

White Rhinestone Candle

Beach Unity Candle Coastal

Beach Unity Candle Coastal

3 in 1 Unity Candle Holder, Taper Holders

3 in 1 Candle Holder

Floral Petal Unity Candle

Petal Unity Candle

Wedding Unity Candles at Discount Prices …

You can pay less for all of your bridal accessories, including butterfly, beach or sea shell, cross and calla lily theme items here at MagicalDay.com. That means our candles cost less than at other bridal suppliers. Our prices on all wedding accessories, including unity candles and candle holders are discounted to make selecting your perfect unity candle affordable.

Our prices on wedding accessories purchased individually are affordable, but when you buy a collection, you receive up to 25% discount off the suggested retail price! Please be sure to browse our unique selection of wedding accessories so you can see what is available for lower prices than you'd find elsewhere.

Use the links below and at the right to navigate your way through our extremely large and diverse selection of unity candles and candle holders at MagicalDay.com.