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Beach Cake Topper

Beach Cake Topper - Traditional Veil Bride -- no Veil -- side view Groom -- side view Back of Chairs -- Traditional Veil Couple Side View -- Traditional Veil Bride -- Birdcage Veil w/ Lace Bride -- Birdcage Veil w/ Swarovski Crystals Customizable Beach Bag
Beach Cake Topper -- Couple in Chairs
Our Price: $37.99 List Price: $44.99
You Save: 16% ($7.00)
Beach Bag Customization
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Beach Palms Wedding Cake Topper color palette

The Hottest, New Cake Topper Just Hit the Beach!

You know when a cake topper is so "YOU".  This couple is doing what they love ... enjoying the sun, the feel of sand between their toes, the waves, the smell of the ocean breeze ... and, most importantly, each other ... partners in what they love.

Exactly what you would expect from a Magical Day original -- just the right amount of detail and fine craftsmanship -- right down to the Bride's painted toenails in flip flops:

  • -- Bride and Groom are stylishly dressed for the beach,
  • -- Both enjoy a beverage of choice for refreshment,
  • -- Honeymoon bikini and flip flops for the Bride,
  • -- Customizable beach bag (we can customize or you can customize),
  • -- "Wooden" beach chairs with "Just Married" on each side,
  • --  Accessorize by choosing a veil -- Traditional, Birdcage w/ Lace, Birdcage w/ Swarovski Crystals,
  • -- Bride and Groom are holding hands ...

For Beach Bag customization, please indicate in the "Special Notes" section of the page containing debit/credit card data the customization you prefer.  We recommend one of the following customizations:  first initials of the Bride and Groom, a family name or a special phrase (up to 10 characters).

Psssttt!  The look of the sugar, white sands of the Gulf of New Mexico or your favorite Caribbean Island can be created with ... sugar!  For the look of the  East Coast sand ... try brown sugar!

Made of Porcelain. Veil not included in price of Cake Topper.

Dimensions:  height 3 1/8", width 5", length 5.5".

Color Choices: Click Color Palette Button to view color choices.

Delivery Time: 1-2 weeks.

International Orders: Not available for international shipping.