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Love Pinch

Love Pinch Wedding Cake Topper - back view Love Pinch Wedding Cake Topper - front view Love Pinch Wedding Cake Topper - African American
Love Pinch
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Bride Hair Color
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A favorite of brides! Shared secrets are what makes the life of a couple a little bit more special.  This couple shares a picture perfect view from the front, but a little more information from the rear view ... a Love Pinch.   It's your little secret!

Figurine is available in Caucasian or African-American skin complexions. Customizable for interracial or biracial couples.  Hand-painted porcelain.

Dimensions: height 5 5/8", width 2 5/8" at base.

Color Choices: Click Color Palette Button to view color choices.

Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks.

International Orders: Please email for shipping rates.